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Lavender Tea - 1.5 oz.
Lavender Tea - 1.5 oz.

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Lavender is another one of those truly amazing herbs in Nature's mind boggling pharmacopia! It's been around for a long, long time and has been used by natural healers and aromatherapy practioners for centuries! We use Lavender incense in our home bathrooms, and use it in the bedroom or living room when we need to relax and savor the simple the joys of life. Our Lavender Tea is just one more way to enjoy this marvelous herb!

  • Lavender Tea's delightful strong aromatic scent will calm even the most frazzled nerves!

  • It has long been recommended in cases of headaches, anxiety states, rheumatism or distension.
  • Lavender contains tannin, mineral substances, and essential oils that imbues it with antiseptic, calming and carminative activity, with nerve stimulating effects.

  • Lavender tea has also been shown to help aid in treatment for insomnia and restlessness
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  • Lavender can help muscle cramps or spasms and increases relaxation making it the perfect combination to be effective against premenstrual migraines and headaches.
  • We sometimes drink it just for the sheer pleasure of it's delightful taste and aroma!
To prepare simply steep 1 or 2 teaspoons per cup in your tea pot of hot boiling water. Or simply add 1 teaspoon per cup into your coffee filter in your coffee machine and brew as you would to make a cup of coffee.

Ingredients: lavender buds, lavender extract

    • Certifications USDA Organic
    • Shelf-Life 3 years
    • Product size: 1.5 ounces
    • Est. Ship Wt. 6 ounces

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