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Natural Chocolate

Northfork Naturals presents our natural chocolate and cocoa category, featuring a variety of products including drinks, treats, sugars, gifts, and much more! We understand - you want chocolate but you don't want to fill your body with unnecessary chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that come in many of the standard, store-bought chocolate products. Well look no further! See our healthy chocolate selection below!
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Cocoa Cravings Vegan Dark Arriba Chocolate 55% Vegan Dark Arriba Chocolate - 65% organic white chocolate
Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Mini Morsels Pure Dark Chocolate Chunks With Vanilla Dark Cacao Covered Golden Berries  - 4 oz.  VEGAN
Cocoa Cravings Curried Drinking Chocolate Chocolate Banana Drink Mix Cocoa Cravings Orange Drinking Chocolate
Cocoa Vanilla Gourmet Finishing Sugar -  USDA Organic Cocoa Sugar - A Gourmet Finishing Sugar - 100% Organic Chocolate Vanilla Agave Nectar
Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder - 8 oz Cocoa Cravings Berry Drinking Chocolate Healthy Chocolates Gift Set

Why Buy Natural/Organic Chocolate Products?

Many people think that "organic chocolate" or "natural chocolate" is simply just "expensive chocolate." Outside of that, they know very little as to the health benefits fraught in consuming this kind of chocolate. We eat natural chocolate for the same reason people eat organic vegetables - we don't want to consume the awful chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides that come from the typical, standard chocolate. You don't get the wax that comes in normal chocolate here. Feel good about indulging in something that is both delicious and good for your body.