About Northfork Naturals, Natural Products for Natural Living
We are really all about YOU and your living healthy!

NORTHFORK NATURALS Certified natural, organic, wholesome products!

Located on the beautiful Clearwater River in North Central Idaho

Pictures of the Northfork of the Clearwater River by AJ Barnett

Northfork Naturals is really all about you and your healthy lifestyle.
It started with a great idea that grew out of a life long interest in good nutrition, natural living, and growing up in a fairly remote location in the Clearwater mountains of north central Idaho. A small group of families lived along the river and pursued a self-sustaining lifestyle. For these hard working people, ourselves included, growing and preserving their own food and basically living off of the land was taken for granted. Doing so was hard but very rewarding work. It was a naturally healthy environment and good nutrition was simply a part of life. Later in life we learned that this was not always available in other communities and this led to a desire to help others achieve some of these benefits.

The fonder of Northfork Naturals, AJ Barnett, has had a life long interest in healthy nutrition, natural healing remedies and procedures, natural preventative medicines & supplements, and appreciation of the fact that we have more control over our health and personal well-being than most folks are led to believe if we only know how to do it and have access to the right foods and other products to make that possible. This led to the creation of Northfork Naturals.

Today the dream of being able to provide others with many of the benefits of organic natural foods, herbals, natural healing, food preservation, and organic gardening tools and know-how has finally come true. We're truly excited and proud to at last be able to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. Most of all, we hope you'll enjoy the products as much as we do.
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Northfork Naturals is owned and operated by Northfork Trading Company, LLC a dedicated business management firm.
A sister company is Northfork Lady, an online art gallery & market featuring a group of participating artists.

Memberships & Associations:
(Please note: None of these organizations share in or in any way partcipate in Northfork Natural's business and financial activites or revenues in any way.)

National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)
Chairman's Circle, Oxford Club, Baltimore, MD.
Northfork Lady, an online Art Gallery & Gifts Shop
Lewis Clark Bluegrass Association
The Association for Research & Enlightenment
Alliance For Natural Health, USA