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Cardamom Jaggery - 5 0z. - USDA Certified Organic
Cardamom Jaggery - 5 0z. -  USDA Certified Organic

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Originally derived from Indian cuisine, Jaggery comes from the word "Gur" meaning "uncountable". The name is apropos. One hint on your tongue, and you'll develop an insatiable taste for these distinct and deliciously spicy, sweet treats of pure unrefined raw cane sugar. A combination of cardamom and jaggery is traditional sweetener for coffee, in South India.

An enticing sweetener out of the jar or an elegant finishing touch to desserts, ice creams or an inspired ingredient for perfect appetizers, sides and main dishes. Add to beverages, like you would sugar, and in baking use instead of sugar.

Used for 2500 years, medical scriptures document evidences of aiding digestive disorders, purification of blood, and many more ailments being treated with this brown colored unrefined cane sugar.

This product is individually prepared by the producer as soon as it's ordered. This might take one extra day for shipping, but it assures that each order is made up of fresh, high quality ingredients and the product you receive is never something that's sat on a shelf for an unknown period of time. It's worth the small extra time and the results will speak for themselves!

Any separation you may notice is natural possible side effect of its low processed nature and the artisanal methods used to produce it. It is not an indication that the product is damaged or was tempered with at any stage.

This product comes in three sizes. Save money when you buy the economy 16 oz. size! To choose the size you want and see the price differences, refer the options panel above, click on the down arrow to see the size options.

  • Certifications USDA Organic
  • Available in three sizes: 5 oz., 10 oz,, or 16 oz.
  • Estimated shipping wt. 1 lb.
  • Shelf-Life 3 years

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